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At RJC Low Loaders Ltd, safety, quality and environmental management is an
important and integral part of our company operations. We have dedicated
documented management systems to state how we assess the risks to our staff,
implement the controls and monitor safety in practice.
These comprehensive systems are fully supported by the management team and
communicated to all staff so they are fully versed in the techniques being deployed
by RJC to keep them safe, motivated and informed.
Our policies are open to the public & interested parties and can be viewed by visiting
our new staff information page.

Recognised Standards for Assurance

Through our work in highly regulated industries, and in recognition of the risks
faced through the operation of our business, we recognise the value of adopting
International Standards (ISO) so that our commitment to risk reduction can be
demonstrated. To further demonstrate our commitment we have achieved ISO
9001:2015 certification through a UKAS Accredited Certification Body.
We embrace the ethos and work to the management systems models represented
by ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015, and will pursue certification to these
standards in the future.

RISQS Audits for Rail Operations

Through our extensive railway industry background spanning over 25 years, we are very
familiar with the increased level of safety, quality and environmental assurance
required. We maintain adherence to the RISQS Audit Scheme requirements, which are woven into the fabric of our management system. Our status as a Network Rail Approved contractor and a Sentinel Sponsor is very important to us in order to preserve our rail customer relationships and keep our staff safe when on the infrastructure.

FORS Scheme

We embrace the principles of third party schemes where the outputs can be seen
to improve safety and efficiencies throughout the business. A prime example of one
such scheme is FORS (Freight Operator Recognition Scheme), which we maintain
our Silver membership status. Through our involvement with the FORS
Scheme since our initial bronze registration in 2012, we have seen a tangible and measurable
improvements in; fleet safety, staff development and hence morale, environmental
performance, fleet efficiency and work related competence. The FORS Scheme allows us to
maximise any opportunity to become safer, greener and more robust, and our belief in the
scheme is extended to our supply chain and customer base with whom we encourage to join in
and realise greater improvements as a collective.

Our journey is far from over and we are currently looking to move from silver to gold as part of
the Directors improvement strategy for a safer and cleaner future for us and the road users with
whom we interface.


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