Drivers working hours policy

16 Feb

Drivers working hours policy


Drivers Working Hours Policy Statement Road Haulage Services (Rail and Non Rail)

All vehicles over 3.5 tonnes with a basic speed more than 30kph (generally) and new vehicles in this category, will be fitted with tachographs as standard.

When responsible for driving a vehicle for which a tachograph is required:

  • The working week commences at 00:00 on Monday, ending 23:59 Sunday.
  • Daily driving limit of 9hrs (can increase to 10hrs twice per week).
  • Maximum of 56 hours driving in any one week.
  • Breaks of 45 minutes must be taken prior to completing 4.5 hours of continuous driving(this may be split but only into periods of 15 and 30 minutes.
  • No work may be undertaken during a break.
  • No more than 90 hours in any two consecutive week periods.
  • In every 24 hour period, 11 hours of rest (consecutive) must be taken – this may bereduced to 9 consecutive hours on no more than 3 occasions in any one week.
  • Breaks and rest may be taken in the driver cab, if suitable sleeping facilities areinstalled.
  • Daily rest may be split (no less than periods of 3 hours and 9 hours)
  • Weekly rest periods of at least 45 hours after each 6 consecutive 24 hour periods.
  • Weekly rest periods may be reduced to 24 hours but must include 45 hours in any twoconsecutive week period.
  • Double Manning – both drivers must have taken a daily rest period of at least 9 hourswithin 30 hours of finishing a daily/weekly rest period.
  • When a driver is transported by ferry, the daily rest period may be interrupted not morethan twice, for not more than one hour in total.

    This Working Hours Policy will form part of the company induction with copies being given to every member of staff during the induction.

    PTS Certified staff who are engaged on rail projects in work activities that fall outside of the EU and UK Drivers Hours legislation, shall be managed under the RJC fatigue risk management system as detailed in our Fatigue Management Policy Statement.

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