Off Site and Security Policy

16 Feb

Off Site and Security Policy



Statement of Purpose

This policy is to ensure RJC Lowloaders Ltd.’s vehicles, crews and loads are safe and secure at all times including when off site.

Background: The aim of this policy is to ensure all users of company vehicles are aware of the risk of theft from both vehicles and load and understand the vulnerability of the driver and crew. Thousands of trucks are stolen every year in the UK, costing insurance companies up to £1 billion as well as significant fines for clandestine entry. A vehicle by itself can be used with hostile intent to breach a perimeter, ram and damage infrastructure, or as a weapon to injure and kill people. This is referred to as a ‘vehicle as a weapon’ attack. The use of VAAW has been used by terrorists to target crowded places.

Statement of Policy: RJC Lowloaders Ltd’s has identified the potential risk of theft from vehicle and load, the risk of clandestine entry (If applicable) and the risk of terrorism related hijacking.

Company security policy:

Keep the keys to company vehicles when not at work secure at all times, never leave them where they could

be copied and make sure there is no way of identifying the keys or the truck from the key-ring

Keys kept at the operating centre must be kept in a secure and lockable location, never use a hiding place,

for example, inside the front bumper.

• •


  • Drive with the doors locked in order to deter thieves who may try to enter the vehicle when it is stationary. ••

  • Lock your vehicle and its load space whenever it is left unattended – even when making a delivery.
  • Be vigilant and cautious when returning to the vehicle alone. Check for other suspicious vehicles nearby or persons in the immediate vicinity, particularly if seen taking an undue interest in the vehicle. Note descriptions, registration number etc. Get assistance from other drivers if seriously concerned or telephone the police foradvice.

  • Park overnight at approved locations, avoid dark, isolated places. Try to park in a way that prevents access to the fuel tank.
  • If you realise a theft from your vehicle is going on, don’t leave the safety of your cab. Lock the doors, start the engine, switch on the lights and if necessary sound the horn to attract attention

Use all security equipment fitted, if “tag” immobiliser is fitted, the tag is to be worn on a belt on the waist at

all times.

If you witness or experience anything suspicious, however minor or serious, report to your line manager and

complete an incident report form and report to the relevant authorities as per the telephone numbers



Company off site policy:

National Vehicle Security Helpline: 0870 550 2006,
National Counter Terrorism Security Office: 0800 789 321, Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Never to leave the vehicle with the key in the ignition and the engine running.


Never give lifts, or have any unauthorised people in the cab


Only stop for marked police/DVSA vehicles with uniformed occupants. If in doubt, ask for identification


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