Routing and Scheduling Policy

16 Feb

Routing and Scheduling Policy



RJC Low Loaders Ltd is committed to providing drivers with the necessary information prior to a journey commencing. The Transport Office is responsible for producing job tickets in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

Driving schedules/tickets

Comprehensive job tickets are produced, and consideration is given to the following:

  • Number of journeys & working hours accrued
  • Journey length & expected driving time
  • Road type & speed limits
  • Potential traffic
  • Weather conditions
    Maximum driving distances per day, per week & per month are considered when schedulingand provisions made for overnight stays if required.

    Route Planning

    We as Employers will provide the driver with the necessary information about the route from several sources including maps, the RoSPA guide or access to the Governments website: This site provides a comprehensive travel planning service and allows comparison with other modes of transport; in addition, the site provides real-time travel information.

    The following information is considered when planning a route.

  • The road type should also be considered – motorway, dual carriageways etc.
  • Hazards including road works, road restrictions, accident ‘black spots’, traffic density,parking restrictions and high-risk features such as schools or busy shopping center’s

    where vulnerable road users may be present.

  • Road/congestion charges
  • Abnormal load routing and any characteristics of the load that would determine theroute (load width and weight)


    Telematic systems are provided in all vehicles to help ensure safer driving. Global Positioning System (GPS) based satellite navigation systems calculate a route from the vehicle’s location to a desired destination which is selected by the driver. This is then used in conjunction with any route information given out by the transport office.

    We aim to reduce the number of miles per journey through avoiding the likelihood of drivers getting lost. In addition, some systems can re-route drivers to avoid bad traffic or accident black spots.

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