PCNs Infringements and Fines Policy

16 Feb

PCNs Infringements and Fines Policy



RJC through driver training and forward planning from our office, aim to keep all fines to an absolute minimum. We currently enforce a zero-tolerance approach to fines, this being where the driver is held responsible to all due fines. Whilst deliveries and collections in and around London can be very challenging with both drivers and Enforcement Authorities at times inconsistent, we as a company continually promote best practice.

Drivers who receive speeding fines (fixed and mobile cameras), PCN’s or FPN’s have the fines paid by the company and then it is recovered from due wages. Copies of such fines are kept on record and monitored at regular intervals. We interview the driver when an offence arises to understand the root causes and to see if it can be prevented in the future. With fixed penalty notices that result in licence endorsements we will only allow drivers to obtain a maximum of six points before dismissal takes place. We monitor both jobs and routes taken to try to establish if a pattern of fines arise and work on each case to prevent any future incidents.

All drivers must report any infringements, fines or incidents incurred professionally or personally effecting their licence held. Should we discover that fines or penalties have been accrued outside of working hours and have not been notified to us, then the driver may face disciplinary action.

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