Drugs and alcohol policy

16 Feb

Drugs and alcohol policy


Drugs and Alcohol Policy Statement

All employees of RJC are subject to this policy, irrespective of their role (staff working on railway projects will also be subject to pre employment and ongoing testing). Please familiarise yourself with the requirements and contents of this policy.

Under this policy, any employee whose duties, judgement or safety (along with that of others) is impaired as a result of consumption, ingestion, use, abuse, misuse or possession (with or without the intention to sell onward) of alcohol or drugs (including prescription, over the counter or illegal substances) will be subject to the RJC disciplinary procedure which may result in dismissal as appropriate.

Such offences involving any illegal substance will be reported to the police and Sentinel as a matter of course, and may result in a criminal record.

This policy is supported by the Network Rail Rule Book and Company Standards, Railway Group Standards and the RJC Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

RJC will ensure (so far as is reasonably practicable) that all employees and Sub- contractors are made aware of the contents of this statement.

It is a requirement of your employment (as an employee, contractor or sub contractor) with RJC that you shall not:

  • Report or endeavour to report for duty, whilst knowingly being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Be in possession of drugs or alcohol in the work place
  • Consume alcohol or drugs whilst on duty

    RJC will take the appropriate disciplinary action in the event of any infringement; however, we will provide information and help (including support) to anyone voluntarily declaring a drug or alcohol problem, prior to the announcement of any test. This will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

    With direct regard to those working on railway related projects (irrespective of your position within the company) the following programme of screening is in place:

  • Pre appointment screening for drugs and alcohol
  • Random unannounced tests for use of drugs and alcohol (at least 5% of the

    workforce annually)

  • For cause testing of any person(s) involved in a safety critical incident, RIDDOR

    reportable accident (as appropriate), reports from members of the public, and where abnormalities of behaviour prompt managerial intervention (which may include a request for screening).

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