Ethical and fair trading policy

16 Feb

Ethical and fair trading policy


Ethical and Fair-Trading Policy

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This policy is to be used in conjunction with the RJC Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy,


and the Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy.


At RJC Lowloaders Ltd we are committed to conducting our business in full compliance with all


applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as observing the highest ethical


standards. Materials are only to be purchased from suppliers on our approved supplier list.

RJC Lowloaders Ltd never knowingly trades with organizations that operate unethical practices.

Through expertise and operational excellence we ensure to deliver complex, high-quality and

customized transport solutions. As RJC Lowloaders Ltd is working together with a large number of

suppliers, it is important to create close and collaborative relationship with them and to ensure that

they deliver service standards that satisfy the needs of both our business and our customers.


Our commitment to sustainability helps us to decrease our environmental impact across the entire


company. We incorporate environmental considerations in a variety of areas, from transportation, to


procurement of new equipment.

RJC Lowloaders Ltd and its staff are fully committed to the principle of honesty, integrity and fair play in the delivery of services and goods to our customers. All staff should ensure that the business operations, applications for services, procurement or staff recruitment, are dealt with in an open, fair and impartial manner.

RJC Lowloaders Ltd is committed to this policy and will conduct business in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner. This commitment extends to suppliers and other associated external resources with which we chose to do business. We will purchase goods and services to the highest standards of ethical and environmental trade practices to include the provision of safe working conditions and the protection of workers across our supply chain.

This policy will be communicated to all relevant internal and external parties within the business. It is our commitment to continually improve through monitoring and measuring the resulting objectives and targets and the management of this policy.

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