Fatigue management policy

16 Feb

Fatigue management policy


Fatigue Management Policy Statement

As part of our overall health and safety policy, RJC recognises that fatigue is a major health and safety risk that we must control effectively. We are fully committed to managing and mitigating fatigue risks, ensure staff receive enough rest to perform their duties safely.

To achieve this, we will

  • ❖  Develop and implement a robust fatigue risk management system (FRMS) which will form part of our Safety Management System
  • ❖  Commit the necessary resources to develop and sustain the FRMS on an ongoing basis
  • ❖  To ensure that fatigue issues are formally raised to the senior management team for discussion and resolution as appropriate
  • ❖  Introduce effective controls at individual, job and organisational levels.
  • ❖  Ensure all staff representative groups are included during fatigue discussions.
  • ❖  Have in place processes to manage and mitigate the risks of the workforce

    becoming fatigued

  • ❖  Monitor and review current fatigue controls for continued effectiveness
  • ❖  Collect and use the necessary data and it effects, including the fatigue

    reporting system for reporting errors, adverse events and concerns which

    could have a fatigue element.

  • ❖  Identify arrangements for training, communication, and information for all staff

    on fatigue issues.

    It is essential that management show commitment to monitoring and managing fatigue and the whole Company co-operates. Managing fatigue will only be realised with the full involvement and commitment of leadership and staff alike at every stage of the process including the creation of an organisational culture in relation to fatigue, where staff and managers feel encouraged to honestly share, discuss and process fatigue issues.

    This Fatigue Management Policy will form part of the company induction with copies being given to every member of staff during the induction.

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