HSQE Policy Statement

16 Feb

HSQE Policy Statement


Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment Policy Statement

This policy statement defines our commitment towards all matters involving Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment. A copy of this policy is available on request to any interested party and member of the public via our website.

Safe, Productive & Sustainable Working Environment

We are committed to safety, environmental and quality assurance (including continual improvement), throughout our activities, and align ourselves with the standards required by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

We are fully committed to providing a quality oriented, safe and environmentally friendly working environment at our offices, and work sites, as far as is reasonably practicable. We will assess the risks/impacts our activities & equipment present and implement control measures appropriate to those risks, with consideration to the life cycle of the equipment. We will produce and maintain policies, procedures and systems as necessary to ensure compliance with legislation & client requirements, along with the needs of any accredited certification we possess.

All employees will have due regard for the safety and welfare of themselves and others around them and will encourage a blame free culture where accidents and incidents can be discussed openly. No person will be penalised for stopping work in circumstances of potential danger, even if this results in the loss of production.

We will ensure that a provision is made for issuing, maintenance, inspection and servicing/testing of any plant or work equipment as defined by legislation (or the client) as needing such.

Communication, Competence & Development

We are fully dedicated to communicating, through our in-house induction process, with all staff a basic understanding of Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment, including the content of this Policy Statement. We will ensure that all employees undergo any training identified as a requirement of the post, enabling them to perform their duties properly, in accordance with our procedures and Legislation.

Corporate HSQE Objectives

This Policy sets the framework for our corporate HSQE objectives and targets, which will be reviewed annually or as a result of changes to legislation, standards, best practice or company requirements, these include the commitment to:

  • Continually improve our quality, safety and environmental management systems and standards, in partnership with our suppliers and customers
  • Maintain total compliance with all applicable regulations, legislation and customer derived standards
  • The prevention of pollution in all activities we undertake both on our premises and when working for our customersWe hope you will join us in a personal commitment to making our company and worksites a safe and effective place to work.

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