Access To Vehicle Policy

12 Feb

Access To Vehicle Policy



RJC Low Loaders Ltd has established an Access to Vehicle Policy to minimise the risk of trips, slips of falls when accessing/egressing vehicles, under the requirements of The Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Access will be needed to the cab, trailer, catwalk and fifth wheel during normal operations such as loading/unloading and for maintenance/cleaning.

RJC Low Loaders Ltd is committed to sourcing vehicles from approved manufacturers which meet the required safety standards & guidelines.

Steps should:

  • Be at a suitable height and spacing.
  • Allow the foot to sit fully on the step.
  • Of suitable strength and free of damage
  • Be fitted with anti-slip if the risk assessment identifies that this would be appropriate.Handholds should:
  • Be at a suitable height and spacing.
  • Be suitable for use with a gloved hand.
  • Be of a suitable strength, secure and free of damage.
  • Be anti-slip if the risk assessment identifies that this would be appropriate.Access and Egress from vehicles:
  • All staff should follow the Safety System of Work RJC/SMS/SS01
  • Additional care should be taken in poor weather conditions – rain, wind etc.
  • Adequate P.P.E should be used – nonslip safety footwear and hi visibility jacket – dryboots if necessary.
  • Ground should be clear from obstructions when egressing vehicles.
  • Steps and handholds/handrails to always be used.
  • No jumping onto or from vehicle
  • Check for pedestrians when opening doors.Revision
    The Vehicle Access Policy will be amended and brought up to date as necessary following improvement opportunities identified through implementation of the principals outlined above, changes to legislation and changes to scope, scale, and nature of our operation. Any corrective and/or improvement measures will be implemented as soon as is reasonably practicable based upon the element of risk, timescale and cost involved.

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