Carrying of passengers in company vehicles

12 Feb

Carrying of passengers in company vehicles



RJC Lowloaders Ltd is committed to driver and passenger safety. It is our policy that for safety and insurance reasons, under no circumstances are drivers permitted to allow unauthorised passengers in any vehicles owned or operated by RJC Lowloaders.

A driver must gain authorisation for the carrying of passengers (this includes customers hitching a lift) this is to be obtained from RJC Transport Office unless the passenger is employed by RJC and on official RJC business.

As the driver, you are responsible for the safety and conduct of everyone in your vehicle. If the carrying of passengers is permitted by RJC management, the number of legally permitted passengers is not to be exceeded in that vehicle and you must ensure the use of the seat belts fitted, unless you or the passenger has a medical exemption certificate.

We would remind you that drivers and passengers caught without wearing a seat belt could be hit with an on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, rising to a fine of £500 if the case goes to court.

We do not permit the carrying of children, dogs or any other animal in a company vehicle at any time!

Passengers may use handheld devices for calls and messages and may assist you in navigation, however you are not to be distracted by the passengers or pressurized into doing anything unsafe or dangerous.

Passengers are to be briefed upon entering the cab of these rules if you believe they are unfamiliar with rules associated with riding in an RJC company vehicle.

If you are driving a HGV and the passenger is also a qualified HGV driver, under tachograph rules you are to insert both driver’s tacho cards into the vehicle tachograph unit for the duration of the journey.

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