4.Company Vehicle H-S Policy Statement

12 Feb

4.Company Vehicle H-S Policy Statement


Company Vehicle Health & Safety Policy Statement

This policy covers any employee whose normal place of work is considered to be their company car or other vehicle such as HGV/LGV/PSV. It is supported by current legislation and HSE guidance INDG 382. All vehicle owners and drivers (whether leased/provided by RJC or owned outright by an employee) will be issued with a copy of this statement and are responsible for becoming familiar with its contents. It applies to all direct employees, sub contractors or contracted staff.

RJC will ensure the competence of drivers, and their capability to undertake their work safely, whilst not endangering any other person in the car, or likely to be affected by its use, movement, parking or presence. To this end, RJC will:

  • Provide (or ensure the undertaking of) adequate Training where required by law, risk assessment or circumstance.
  • Ensure the Fitness and health of drivers so as not to put themselves or others at risk.
  • Ensure that all vehicles are suitable for purpose.
  • Provide only vehicles which are maintained in a safe and fit condition.
  • Provide safety equipment, and ensure it is properly fitted and maintained.
  • Provide access to Safety critical information that will help them reduce risks.
  • Never knowingly put the health of the driver at risk
  • Ensure that all routes are planned thoroughly:
  • Allow sufficient time to complete journeys safely
  • Take consideration of risk from fatigue and the impact of weather conditions

    Should any employee receive points, or be prosecuted for any driving related offence, it is their responsibility to provide such details to the HR Manager at the earliest opportunity. Copies your driving licence will be required every six months for this to be checked, and the terms of the company insurance scheme to remain valid.

    All employees will be made aware, through the briefing process, of the need to inform their supervisor or manager if they are taking any prescribed or over the counter medication that could affect their ability to drive safely and responsibly. Advice on prescribed or over the counter medication can be sought through any of the approved medical establishments used by RJC for medical examinations or Drug and Alcohol testing.

    RJC aim to eliminate any foreseeable hazards, which may affect the working environment or result in personal injuries or illnesses. Safety objectives will be set (as part of the company targets, policies and objectives) for regular review to satisfy this aim.

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