Vehicle tyres and fuel policy

16 Feb

Vehicle tyres and fuel policy


Vehicles Tyres and Fuel Policy Statement

Vehicle tyres and fuel usage are monitored by the business, by the Transport Manager. In accordance with your LGV Drivers handbook you must notify the Transport office should you require a tyre to be replaced or repaired who will speak to the workshop. This is important as it creates a traceable log of tyre usage which we use as part of our fleet operation responsibilities.

Routine replacement of tyres and tyre condition is monitored through the 6 weekly PMI checks with documentation retained by the Maintenance office.

Fuel usage is also important to the business as we monitor the amount of natural resource used by the company to keep the fleet operational.

You must disclose the vehicle mileage when filling up.

The amount of fuel used is monitored by the Transport Manager and excessive fuel usage or uncharacteristically low MPG readings shall be followed up with you in person.

This Policy will form part of the company induction with copies being given to every member of staff during the induction.

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