worksafe policy

16 Feb

worksafe policy


Worksafe Policy

Safe Working Environment

RJC Low Loaders Ltd operates a refusal to work policy for any employee to invoke should they believe that the work they are being asked to perform, either by a company representative or by the customer, is inherently unsafe.

If you cannot do it safely – do not do it!

We do not expect you to do work that:
• you are not competent to do.
• you do not have the correct equipment.
• there is no safe system of work; or
• you do not have the correct personal protective equipment.

This Work safe Procedure will enable employees to feel confident that if they have genuine concerns about the safety of a system of work, their concerns will be given serious consideration and they will not face recriminations.

If you have a safety concern:

  • Cease work immediately, ensuring that in doing so you are not endangering

    others, move to a position of safety and contact the immediate person in charge without delay, explaining why you have stopped work. You should also report this to the RJC manager on-call.

  • The person in charge will try to reach an agreement with you that either:
    • the system of work is safe, and work can be restarted; or
    • work can be restarted using the existing system of work and agreed

      additional control measures.

  • If no agreement is reached, work shall not restart and the person in charge

    will consult their immediate Line or On-Call Manager who shall, after suitable investigation:

    • conclude the task is safe and direct a return to work; or
    • amend the safe system of work to everybody’s satisfaction and arrange a

      return to work; or

    • agree the task is unsafe – in this case the work site shall be left safe and

      employees assigned to other work.

  • Whenever additional controls have to be introduced, or a Line or On-Call

    Manager is consulted the person in charge shall complete a “Work safe Report” form and record on it the details of the disputed system of work, the agreements and decisions made about it and the reasons for those decisions.

  • They shall give or send a copy to you and to their line manager.
  • You should keep the RJC manager on-call updated with any changes during

    the above steps.

    We hope you will join us in a personal commitment to making our company and worksites a safe and effective place to work.

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